At Hotel Suppliers, we have a wide range of trusted suppliers specialising in everything from toiletries right through to lighting, architecture and interior design. This year, we are looking to increase our engagement with our wonderful readership; what better way to do that than with a ‘Get to Know’ series of articles… This week, we’re introducing you to Jakob Burgsø from Boyhood – the founder of this amazing company, specialising in unique hotel design. Age 45 years old and never been better… Education I have a background in graphic design, but I am autodidact when it comes to working with wood. I am driving by passion and is motivated by finding my own way to getting my ideas out of my head and into a prototype. Family situation I am married to a wonderful woman who has joined me in Boyhood. Together we have three beautiful kids, two boys and a girl. So, our hands are full… Hobby, favorite activities I am so lucky that my job is also my hobby – what more can you wish for? What makes you smile A lot of things make me smile – enjoying a warm cup of coffee in complete silence after the kids are off to kindergarten and school, bringing home a finished prototype of an idea that’s been puzzling in my head for weeks or even months, the smell of wood… What you like most I absolutely LOVE travelling. That has been a huge passion of mine ever since I was travelling all over South East Asian in my early twenties. Luckily, my family shares my passion and we had one-way tickets to Bangkok leaving just 15 days after Corona closed Denmark. So, we are longing for adventure and crossing our fingers for COVID-19 to go away… What is an absolute no go Pickles in burgers Your favorite place in your city We live 100 meters from the beach and watching the waves and sensing the forces that are playing on the big ocean is so fascinating Favorite country to spend a vacation I have lived and worked in Bangkok in the past – it is my home away from home. We usually visit Bangkok whenever we are travelling just slightly close to it… Favorite song and band The most amazing concert experience for me was Coldplay’s Head Full of Dreams Tour – I saw. I am a very visual person and is very stimulated in senses – Coldplay for me has a full package and makes a complete show… Favorite designer I admire a lot of the iconic Danish architects and designers, but especially architects like Finn Juhl, Hans J. Wegner, Børge Mogensen, Hans Bølling, Kay Boyesen and Arne Jacobsen. We have a strong tradition for designing simple and high-quality icon and that legacy obligates. Favorite design object Before I die, I hope to be able to invest in a PP19 Bamsestol (papa bear chair) made by Hans J. Wegner in 1951. That chair for me is a perfect balance between at beautiful proportional design icon with great comfort and functionality. How did you get the idea of creating your own company? I’ve always been very independent and found on early that making my own work life was the right thing for me. Working 8-16 is simply not for me… So, I knew that I should have my own business – the question was just doing what? So, I have tried many different things and areas ex. I took a degree in graphic design and starting my own business, I tried having my own small restaurant with some friends, had an agency selling watches, having my own web shop selling design furniture and many others crazy projects. But none of really fulfilled me and I believed that succeeding on life you need to be passionate. That passion I found thinking back to my childhood… I have always been joining my dad in the workshop and found a calmness in creating something with my hands. Over the years I always been very fascinated by working with wood and combining that to childhood memories like playing with paper planes, matchsticks, paper boats and balloon dogs was like an epiphany. And within a few weeks the first prototypes were made and ideas just coming – and still is…. Where did you get your inspiration? Mostly from my own childhood, but they can appear just walking on the street, sitting on beach, driving to the workshop and minutes before falling asleep. Which of your products you don’t want to miss in your home? Why? It’s difficult because all of my designs have a special place in my hearty. But I have a special connection to the Matchman – it has so many opportunities and always gives a smile on my face. How would you describe Boyhood in 3 words? Nostalgic, humorous, and high-quality Is there any story connected with Boyhood you would like to share with us? (something funny or unusual, something you will never forget or touched you much) When I started the company, before it was called Boyhood, we were living a small apartment in Aarhus with our two kids (now three) so space with tight. But approximately 80% of the living room was filled with boxes, bags etc. for packing products, the dining table for filled up with sanding machines and dust was all over the place. It was a mesh and thinking back on it today it is impressive that I’m still married to the same woman. She is very patient with me… Another big moment for us was the first time we attended the Danish Fair Formland in August 2019. That har always been a major goal to get to that point so I was very emotional when we entered there the first time. I believe it is important to get setting goals and remembering to celebrate them and valuing that is possible to make your passion your work life… What do you wish for Boyhood in the coming years? (are there any news, plans, dreams?) The next year we are focusing on getting the production up and running 100% – it has taking some time due to COVID-19. So, we are really looking forward to getting some products on stock. Furthermore, our goal is to find more passionate and positive retailers to work with. First of all, in Denmark, but also Scandinavia and Germany. Our retailers are the ones who are telling our story the the end-user and therefore they are valued extremely high for us… And a third focus area is getting more and better pictures for our marketing. So a lot to do…. Life needs to be beautiful – it is not about getting from A to B, it is how you get there that matters ♡