Devil's Row

Hey, folks! With summer just around the corner, it’s time to amp up your fitness game and shed those extra pounds. But hold on a sec, does that mean you have to say goodbye to sipping on a refreshing drink while soaking up the sun? Not anymore!  Devils’ Row

We all know that alcoholic beverages can be a major setback when it comes to staying in shape. The calorie count alone is enough to ruin any progress you’ve made. It’s a bummer, right? Well, fear not, because Devils’ Row has got your back!

Devils’ Row, the experts in creating fantastic gin, have come up with a game-changer. Picture this: their meticulously crafted, ready-to-serve G&T combines the legendary Devils’ Row dry gin with a light and revitalising tonic that clocks in at just 90 calories per tin.

Devil's RowNow, here’s the exciting part. You can enjoy multiple tins of this delicious concoction without feeling guilty about derailing your diet or spending hours sweating it out at the gym. It’s time to kick back and relax by the pool, my friends!

Don’t let the devilish name fool you, though. Devils’ Row gin is made from a divine blend of 13 botanicals, including the notorious forbidden fruit itself—apple. Its zesty and clean flavour leaves you feeling refreshed and utterly guilt-free. Sip away, my friends, sip away.

Whether you’re chilling in your room, lounging at the bar, or unwinding at the spa, they deliver the ultimate full-spectrum G&T experience that will have every guest falling inlove.

So, folks, as the summer heat intensifies, keep your fitness goals intact without compromising on the joy of savouring a tasty drink. Get your hands on Devils’ Row G&T, the perfect guilt-free summer companion.

Cheers to a sensational summer!