The owner of the Ice Cream Farm in Chester, Cheshire contacted Heathland Group in March 2021. The site holds the Guinness World Record for the largest ice cream shop in the world. 

The family tourist attraction recently built a new lake on their site. The lake, with a fountain display, was built near the entrance to the site to be an eye-catching feature of the tourist attraction, both day and night. The lake water was still cloudy from the recent build project. The client requested a Heathland Group fountain with lights as a focal feature and to aerate the lake water. Lake aeration helps to turn cloudy water clear, a necessity for a tourist focal feature.  

Heathland Groups experienced team discussed various fountain and aeration options with the client. A floating aerating fountain was the perfect solution in this case. The Fusion series of aerating fountains provides excellent value for money, performing two operations at once. Find out more here.