This is an article in FunkyMedia Magazine which covers a business case of a hotel using TagPoint.

Business goal:

  • Provide flawless service and hospitality with the help of technology
  • Improve hotel guest experience
  • Reduce employee turnover


  • Automate and streamline processes
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Increase hotel occupancy and quality of service
  • Increase rating and reviews


With TagPoint, the hotel has a single app for guests and staff. It has all the essential tools for guests and employees – no need to keep up with dozen of chats.

This improved guest experience: now guests can order breakfast, ask for additional cleaning, or request quest supplies without leaving the room via a QR code. Employees have a tool that helps them keep track of all the tasks to provide excellent error-free service.

The app also increased employee loyalty and provided managers with a clearer picture of the hotel’s performance.

The marketing team reviews the analytics collected by the system. They better understand what their guests want, and highlight these services in promotional materials.

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