Ironmongery is a necessity and something that will be used frequently by clients and staff. It may seem like a small final detail, but the correct choice of door, window or kitchen furniture can totally transform the interior look, feel and function of any room.

Good quality ironmongery adds a sense of luxury and quality and is easy to fit for an immediate and lasting change. When choosing your ironmongery there are three important things to consider: functionality, style, and finish. It’s important to think about these three factors simultaneously as they all affect one another. For example, the finish choice is often determined by the product type and vice versa. If you are choosing ironmongery for a complete hotel renovation then it is vital to consider the functionality, style, and finish at an early stage to achieve consistency throughout a project.

From The Anvil’s comprehensive collection of quality door, window and cabinet furniture is one of the largest in the UK and is available in a huge choice of styles and finishes. Well-known for their distinctive traditional and period hardware, From The Anvil have recently launched a range of more contemporary fittings, all suited to the hotel environment.

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