The From The Anvil journey began in the late 1990’s when ex-metal work teacher and joiner Mark Underhill and his wife, Bernadette purchased their own hardware business and quickly came to realise that there was a severe gap in the market for traditional and authentic handmade ironmongery products that were readily available off the shelf. Mark and his wife began designing and making their own unique products forged by hand from Steel on an anvil, giving them unrivalled strength and wealth in character. A few years later in 2000, From The Anvil was first established as a brand. It was because of the belief that The Underhills had, in being able to manufacture beautiful products that have an emphasis on quality artistry and design that they went on to achieve the greatness that they have.

I was very lucky to have the chance to speak to Sophie Smith about all things From The Anvil and delve further into the brand as a whole and their intentions for the future. Whilst From The Anvil offer a wide range of products suitable for a whole host of projects, she explained how currently their main target market is high-end residential renovations within the UK. However, they’re keen to improve their brand awareness within commercial settings and also further promote From The Anvil internationally. As a business, I wanted to know what it was about From The Anvil that Sophie felt made them stand out from their competitors in the industry, which proved no problem at all. Sophie explained that it was largely down to their vast stock holdings, enabling them to provide a 24hour delivery window, their hand-forged and hand-spun manufacturing processes and their natural base materials. Following on from this, From The Anvil have an extensively broad selection of product designs that cater for all property types and a knowledgeable team who are fully equipped to offer both technical and interior advice, whilst providing the most superb after sales care.

Through browsing From The Anvil’s impressive case studies and product images, it’s plain to see that the craftsmanship of their products help transform and elevate a space. One of the products I saw in a multitude of different settings, was their bestselling and signature slimline espagnolette lever handles. They have a quality, high-end look whilst offering all of the security and functional benefits of a modern handle and can be used with innovative locking mechanisms. They’re also double sprung, have a reversible handing and look fantastic! Needless to say they need no further explanation as to why they’re one of From The Anvil’s best selling products. Sophie explained it was the transition the business made over the years, from only having a very traditional range of products to a largely varied product offering, that now suits a multitude of environments that she was most proud of. The innovation doesn’t stop there either, as From The Anvil have lots of new lighting designs, homeware, accessories and new finishes in a vast range of ironmongery for kitchens and cabinets all set to launch in 2022!

With the global pandemic playing such a huge part of our lives over the past two years, I wanted to know how From The Anvil were effected both positively and negatively. Sophie explained that some of the negatives included increased costs in manufacturing and unpredictable staffing levels. But keen to talk about the positives, Sophie went on to talk about how the pandemic has impacted their target market in a very positive way, as lots of end-users turned their attention to house renovation. The pandemic also allowed From The Anvil to develop into a more flexible business and their stock levels remained excellent throughout, of which they are very proud. Not only this, but the trying times of the pandemic have given them the foresight to further improve their infrastructure to safeguard themselves against any other future changes. Despite it being an eventful couple of years for all, From The Anvil’s team put the long days and hard work in that then allowed the business to move forward and grow their team by 20%, see a very encouraging increase in turnover and begin a big software upgrade, which will further enhance their efficiency.

Looking ahead into 2022, some of the goals that Mille talked me through that From The Anvil has in the pipeline are to expand their lighting range, launch their contemporary kitchen and cabinet hardware collection and launch their extensive stainless steel range. They are also looking at designing a number of further products to add to their new home and garden range. We can’t wait to see what offerings their new launches bring!