In an era of unprecedented climate consciousness, the hospitality industry is stepping up its efforts to combat climate change- with net-zero carbon emissions as the ultimate goal. As more carbon-neutral and negative hotels pop up around the globe, stand-out projects include Hotel Suppliers local- IHG Zeal and well as the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto.

The picturesque city of Exeter (home of Hotel Suppliers HQ) is set to become the site of sustainable hospitality with the addition of the groundbreaking Zeal hotel. The project is part of a broader global trend in the hospitality sector, with an increasing number of hotels pledging to reduce their carbon footprint to zero.

This 142-room property is designed in alignment with the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Framework Definition of the UK Green Building Council. It employs passive-house principles to minimize energy consumption and utilizes a ‘fabric-first’ approach. The embodied carbon from the hotel’s structure will be offset upon its opening, further underlining its commitment to sustainability. The hotel’s energy needs will be primarily met through photovoltaics on the roof and fa├žades, coupled with renewable energy sources, while amenities such as a restaurant, bar, gym, gardens, and electric car charging points will offer guests a holistic and eco-friendly experience. This pioneering project reflects the shared commitment of IHG and Zeal to responsible business practices and a sustainable future, setting a new standard for the industry and providing guests with an exceptional stay that aligns with their expectations for sustainability.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, the iconic Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Canada, is undergoing a monumental transformation. This 94-year-old landmark, which has witnessed generations of guests, is now on a mission to become a net-zero, carbon-neutral building. The hotel is investing a staggering $46.5 million in reducing its carbon emissions significantly. By the end of this year, at least 80 percent of carbon emissions generated by the hotel’s operations – including heating, cooling, cooking, washing, and cleaning systems – are expected to be mitigated. KingSett Capital, the hotel’s owner, and the Fairmont chain that operates it are diligently working towards obtaining Canada Green Building Council’s Zero Carbon Building Standards Certification. This certification acknowledges buildings that go above and beyond to minimize greenhouse gas emissions from all aspects of their operations.

This transformation goes beyond a single hotel; it’s indicative of a wider movement in the hospitality industry. In Canada, with approximately 482,000 commercial and public buildings, this endeavor is a significant step forward. For KingSett Capital, it aligns with their broader environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives, which are increasingly important to institutional investors. Furthermore, the retrofit serves as a model for environmentally conscious travelers and event planners. The Fairmont Royal York’s + IHG’s commitment to sustainability sends a powerful message to those booking weddings, galas, conventions, and other events.