Franklite in collaboration with Hotel Designs and Arigami are excited to announce the publication of the Circadian Lighting Report. The report shares how hotels and designers can support guests’ circadian health and sleep and takes an in-depth look at our latest development in LED technology the Tuneable White Candle.

This product is an innovative and unique take on a traditional candle lamp – designed and manufactured at our factory in Milton Keynes and tested in our in-house laboratory. This technology offers a smooth transition between amber and cool white from 1700 to 3650 kelvin.

Our clients now have the capability to easily control the transition of light colour temperature wirelessly through an app or hard-wired within a building management system.

With a dimming range from 100% down to 1% clients are able to create the perfect ambience with a simple touch of a button all while providing customers with the ultimate sensory experience.

The L11 tuneable white light engine is designed to fit a wide range of decorative fittings including chandeliers, lanterns, pendants and wall brackets. This technology can be replicated into the manufacturing of our LED plates for our Woburn shade family, and custom designed projects.