The flightcase has long been associated with adventure. A symbol of travel, music and good times- the flightcase is used primarily by artists and musicians looking to transport their equipment safely as they tour the world to perform. 

For many- the flightcase can evoke feelings of excitement and wonder- but why must it be reserved only for music equipment? 

Jack Doolan is a musician, Guinness enthusiast and the genius behind Flightcase Bars. Five years ago- he was asking himself the same questions. Combining his experience as a rock musician with his love for beer- he revolutionised the flightcase and the world’s coolest, most exciting and practical bar was born. 

The concept behind Flightcase Bars is simple- ‘draught drinks, anywhere’. Sick of not being able to get a proper pint of Guinness at the events he toured at- Jack’s invention allowed him to transport his own bar anywhere in the world, without fear of destruction due to its flightcase form. The miraculously shortened keg-to-tap route allows for a perfectly poured pint every time- without the need for massive amounts of space and equipment. 

The bars can be rolled onto location and set up in all of five minutes- but most importantly they add that flare of adventure and wonder to any venue they are set up at. 

So, if you’re looking to wow your guests, enhance staff’s working environments and create an all-round more exciting hospitality experience- get in touch with Flightcase Bars today.