Imagine a winter fairy tale – breathtaking natural landscapes covered in snow, and people can watch the world’s beauty through a panoramic bay window of your heated and incredibly cozy geodome. Deep relaxation after a day full of outdoor activities. Sounds magical, right?

So, if you ask yourself questions like:

  • Are FDomes geodesic domes suitable for cold climates?
  • Are the geodomes an all-year-round solution?
  • Are the domes suitable for harsh weather conditions?

The answer to all these questions is YES, they are! In fact, they are perfect for winter accommodation as much as they are perfect for summer ones! No matter the climate, you can set up a glamping resort powered by geodesic domes, as they can be placed in any weather conditions. Snowy, rainy, windy weather, very hot or very cold climates – nothing will stop you from starting your own glamping business using our geodesic domes as accommodation.

Nevertheless, it is important for you to know what accessories to choose when configuring your dome. There are some essentials that we highly recommend to our customers that are planning to open a glamping spot located in cold climate regions. Please, make sure to choose these options, as they will ensure a tailored configuration and make your investment more cost-effective!

Essential accessories for the geodome in the cold climate:

  • Insulation liner
  • Wood-burning stove and Chimney
  • Solar-fan
  • Air-conditioning
  • Flooring

The mentioned accessories will help to retain heat inside the FDomes Glamping and add a little touch to its interior design. Additionally, all of them are useful during the summer season!

If you want to find out more about why it is worth investing in each of these accessories, read the full article on our blog!