During the pandemic, many hotel businesses were forced to shut their doors for many months. Many of their employees went elsewhere, finding jobs in different industries, and are now being missed as operations have resumed. This has lead to the much-bemoaned skills shortage, with lots of vacant positions and training places. Unlike before, hotels are now obliged to seek new employees and offer them more than they did in the past. As a result, hotels are finding new ways to boost their appeal. Employers are increasingly aware that they need to improve external conditions (not just pay) for their staff. This includes providing workers with pleasant staff rooms where they can relax and feel revived during break times, thanks to the use of lounge furniture, armchairs, couches and tables. The same applies to live-in staff quarters, where employees may occasionally sleep for the night or reside permanently, and where they would like to feel at home. Inwerk’s seating, cupboards, lockers, changing rooms and side tables create snug, comfortable atmospheres in rooms for hotel staff. With beautifully designed facilities for employees, employers make a good case for their attractiveness. In the competition for much-needed skilled workers, they need to.