You may be reading that title intrigued, wondering what specifically it entails. Put simply, we want to put our cannabinoid expertise to work for you to make implementing CBD products simple while still providing tailor made products. 

Introducing tailor made CBD oils from Master Roachee’s Garden

We here at Master Roachee’s Garden understand that choosing what amenities to offer in your hotel can be a tough decision because you want only the best for your guests. That’s why we’re offering what suits you and are now introducing tailor made CBD oils and products. The CBD market is rapidly changing, and it can be challenging to keep up with these changes while staying on top of your particular market. Being a small, family run business we realize the importance of working 1-1 with people so we can make a unique product for specific needs. Let us walk you through the process and give you everything you need to make an informed decision and let you focus on the fun part, creating your personalized CBD formulation!

Expertise through experience

Our founder and CEO Matt Avery has had a relationship with cannabis for over 40 years as a user, grower and activist so he knows his stuff. Matt has spent thousands of hours researching, producing and testing his custom blends until the finished product that was up to his standards. This has led to some of his finest creations such as “Ambrosia nights and Golden Medley” which are all custom blends of CBD oil for a specific purpose. For example, “Ambrosia nights” to help with sleep, specifically the quality of the sleep. Another favorite, his Beard oil, is used daily by Master Roachee (Matt) himself to keep his wise-man’s whiskers well-maintained. What we’re saying is, we have more experience than most and have all the knowledge to make you a high-quality custom blend of oil to match your specific needs. Whether you’re after a custom infused massage oil or muscle soothing salve for your new gym or have interest in some of our current products like our beard oil which doubles as a hand moisturizer. 

Ease and convenience of creating your own signature oil/product

We’ve told you what we’re about, what we’re offering, our decades of experience at your disposal and now you’re wondering where you come in and how making a new product can be made easy. You come in right at the start. If you’re interested in working with us to develop a new product all you need to do is send an enquiry with a rough idea of what you want and any questions you may have. Once we have that we’ll answer your questions and get to work doing the research to see how we can make your vision a reality. We can set up a consultation to present a few ideas and get feedback until we’ve settled on the perfect formulation. We maintain a dialogue throughout the entire process, so you aren’t left guessing. We’ll handle all the complicated research, testing and technical aspects of development so you can relax and focus on more important things like running your business.

Remember we’re here for you

As a small, family-run business we know how important our customers are and we try our best to accommodate them every way we can, this includes you! We encourage you to reach out with any questions, concerns, or ideas throughout our time working together. We want to work side by side to make your desired product for whatever specific need you have. We believe in earning your business through a dedication to excellence in the development of your products as well as in communication. So please do remember we’re here for you, to develop a product as unique as your accommodations.