First launched in 2021, The Evolve range is made up of up to 81% recycled content and is 100% manufactured in South Africa by local skilled artisans. The range consists of architectural precasts as well as the Rotunda furniture range which is the perfect modern industrial addition to any contemporary space. The pieces are made of our innovative new age high performance concrete called Limesite. The material has unique fluid aesthetic properties that has inspired the combination of organic and robust forms seen in each design.

Wolkberg Casting Studios is passionate about circular economies and our design philosophy is to eliminate the take, make and dispose culture. Limesite, The material was designed to patina over time and take on a life of its own, and our products designed to last a lifetime. The Evolve range embodies this vision and proves that eco products can be elegant and be and an environmentally friendly alternative to pieces of furniture made from non renewable natural stone.

For more information on our Evolve range, please visit our website https://www.wolkberg.com/collections

Limesite is concrete refined.