Captivate your guests.  Generate new revenue. 

Gamemasters recently attended the Resort and Commercial Recreation Association annual conference in Palm Coast, Florida.  The event was attended by seasoned recreational pros and bright young students who oversee recreation activities in resorts across the US. 

The resort industry is so competitive, it is critical to find the EDGE, what will bring guests in and what will keep them happy and entertained while on property.  

We knew we had a dynamic answer.  Hotels AND resorts are catching on that ESCAPE ROOM demand is EXPLODING!  An escape room (or rooms) can transform little used meeting space or an un-rented retail unit into a powerful revenue generator while separating your resort from the same old others.  

Hotels like the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada and the Hard Rock Riviera Maya are among the forward-thinking properties who have read the tea leaves and recognize that guests DEMAND exciting entertainment on property! 

We will work with resorts to either partner with them through a revenue investment/share, outright purchase by the property or other potential scenarios.  

Gamemasters Escape Solutions has grown from a family-owned Canadian company to a global force, and we are just getting started. 

Watch for exciting news from Virginia and other States across the US as well as expansion activities throughout the Caribbean.