One of the largest REIT’s in North America and the largest in the category of upper upscale all suite hotels was seeking to enhance their sustainability initiative through a focus on environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Included in the portfolio of hotels are prominent brands such as Hilton ® , Marriott ® , Sheraton ® , Doubletree ® , Embassy Suites ® , Westin ® and Holiday Inn ® .

In addition, the organization was looking to adequately address poor and inconsistent results that they experienced across their portfolio of holdings from traditional water treatment programs.


Site visits and meetings were the first step in evaluating each of the sites to assess the current water treatment performance on the cooling tower systems. The sites selected offered a variety of raw water variability to ensure compatibility and versatility with the technology across a wide spectrum of operating conditions. The assessments included but were not limited to visual inspections, thorough microbiological testing, multi-metal corrosion monitoring, water usage tracking and historical system control strategies. To aid in the data gathering process, the parent corporation requested installation of a remote monitoring system to enlighten all parties in a timely fashion as to the facets of each system. This idea greatly improved upon their current method of system control.

During the numerous comprehensive site visits that took place it was noted that many of the facilities encountered performance problems linked to inconsistent control over the incumbent water treatment programs resulting in poor performance and consequently increased operating costs.


Based on the findings, thorough system validation reports were created to pinpoint the areas where cost savings would arise. These savings typically revolved around water, energy, labour, maintenance (including chiller cleaning by third parties) and chemicals not to mention environmental costs.

These kinds of savings aligned themselves very well corporately with the parent corporation’s sustainability, environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Comprehensive service via EnviroTower’s trained representatives were an essential component of the program as was onsite operator training of the facility personnel to ensure synergy.

In particular, all facets of a successful water treatment program were met while typical ROI’s fell into the target 18–36 months period. These included sound management of corrosive, deposition and microbiological forces.

Another strength of the technology, in the eyes of the parent corporation, can be related to the fact that it could qualify for green building certification programs (i.e., LEED, or Leadership in Environmental Engineering & Design).

Due to the resounding success of the program in first 5 locations, the corporation has decided to roll out the technology to ALL 83 facilities over the coming years to take advantage of the enormous cost savings and in the process exceed their sustainability initiative.

EnviroTower, a clean technology industry leader, provides a proven, reliable solution for maximizing energy and water efficiencies while minimizing
environmental impacts of cooling towers. The company enables commercial, institutional and industrial customers to drive down their energy and water costs through a clean, comprehensive water treatment system that delivers consistent, measurable results.  The company operates across North America.

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