Connected Kerb is one of the UK’s leading Electric Vehicle charging providers, offering convenient, affordable and sustainable electric vehicle charging solutions catering for the hospitality industry. The Hilton Garden Inn, commissioned Connected Kerb with their first EV charge points. These are now available and active in their car park for hotel guests and staff, as what is called ‘long-dwell’ charging, where EV drivers can charge their car over a long period of time. The charge point model installed is called, the Gecko, with its discrete design it blends into the surrounding environment and with dual sockets, allows two vehicles to charge simultaneously from one unit. The solution has met the hotel’s requirement of keeping provision aligned with demand.  The charging point tariffs are affordable for hotel guests and staff by industry standards and have been added to the Hotel Garden Inn homepage as an amenity. It is the intention to get this amenity listed on sites such as booking.com and TripAdvisor to provide a unique selling point for the hotel to potential customers. As part of Connected Kerb’s EV charging solutions, through the Connected Kerb app users are able to charge their vehicle. An RFID card is given to reception staff for visitors, employees and management offering flexibility in how to initiate a charging session. Connected Kerb’s first-class project management skills has minimised disruption to the hotel’s daily operations and guest experience. They also provided a breakdown of forecasted revenue and ROI to help the hotel management build a business case. The hotel found Connected Kerb’s offer appealing as a tool for retaining staff with an electric vehicle who otherwise may not have somewhere reliable to charge at their own home. They were also drawn to the sustainable credentials of the charging infrastructure which is made predominantly from recycled materials. What the Hilton have said about Connected Kerb: “As well as the low visual impact of the charging units themselves, we really liked the user-friendliness of Connected Kerb’s charging process, namely easy setup and registration. The fact that there are no upfront fees or subscription costs for our customers is also a huge bonus.”