How Does Dura Streamline the Flooring Renovation Process?

Dura, a distinguished leader in the flooring industry, is revolutionizing the underlayment experience for installers worldwide. With a strong commitment to improving the customer experience, we proudly distinguish ourselves by providing unparalleled quality, simplified installation, and expert support throughout the entire process.


Unparalleled Quality for Lasting Peace of Mind

Dura’s unwavering commitment to quality rubber underlayment is rooted in our 60 years of expertise. We take immense pride in our tradition of manufacturing products that meet and exceed customer expectations. Understanding the importance of durability,  our underlayment retains its shape and acoustical properties throughout its entire lifespan. Continually refining our manufacturing processes and incorporating innovative techniques, we consistently deliver exceptional quality underlayment that provides peace of mind to our customers.

Simplified Installation for Effortless Floor Transformations

Recognizing the challenges encountered by installers, Dura is fully committed to simplifying the installation process. We prioritize the convenience of our end-users by designing underlayment solutions with their needs in mind. To further assist installers, we provide comprehensive installation guides packed with valuable tips and instructions. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience, we streamline the installation process, enabling installers to save valuable time and effort while achieving successful and long-lasting flooring.


Expert Support and Guidance

Dura places an emphasis on exceptional customer service as an integral part of our commitment to a simplified installation process. Our experienced professionals are readily available to assist floor installers, ensuring they receive the support and guidance they need. Whether it’s technical inquiries, installation tips, or product recommendations, our dedicated team is here to provide comprehensive assistance. We strive for every interaction with our team to contribute to a seamless and hassle-free experience for our valued customers.


Discover the Dura Difference Today

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