Opposite the Wolseley and a few steps from the Ritz, behind the formal shopfront the interior is quite a surprise, combining the look of a stripped-back warehouse with a sophisticated glamour! The raw concrete and brick shell with its exposed ductwork, conduits and cable trays, contrasts brilliantly with the fine materials making up the fit-out. The bar was replaced by an impressive new counter in Carrara marble overlaid with brass detailing and overhead gantry. Behind this the brick wall features three internally illuminated cabinets displaying wines and spirits above the custom stainless steel back counter. The design theme of simple tubular brass-work is repeated in the screens and balustrades that define the staircases and split-level plan. On one side the wall is lined up to cornice level in timber panelling finished in a soft black – above this the concealed lighting shows off the rough texture of brickwork. The rest of the walls are finished in stucco, a muted antique gold plaster polished on site by the Italian craftsmen, overlaid with an arcade of mirrors with back lighting and framed in tubular brass. In the seating areas an original pine floor in herring-bone parquet was restored, while the entrance pathway is tiled in a three-tone grey octagon and dot motiif. Two enormous chandeliers dominate the lower seating area, while the upper level at the rear has a moody feel with concealed uplighting accented by spotlights. Chairs and banquettes in subdued green, gold and salmon-pink velours sit against brass tables topped with Carrara and Nero Marquina marbles. Replanned, with kitchen moved to the basement, and new toilet suite built on the upper ground floor, the layout added much-needed covers to this busy venue. The front seating area near the bustle of the street has a casual all-day vibe, while the seating on the upper level offers a quieter cosier option. Dover Design is a commercial London design studio specialising in creating effective design and a strong interior brand experience for restaurants, bars and cafes both nationally and internationally. Hotel Restaurant Design Hotel Restaurant Design Hotel Restaurant Design