It goes without saying that your guests’ experience is your number one priority. Ensuring they are comfortable, content and having an enjoyable stay is where nothing becomes too much.

Hanging door signs are the ultimate must-have within your hotel, it allows your guests to let your staff know what it is they may want or need, without even stepping outside their room.

clg door hanger

CLG London create bespoke leather hanging door signs, a beautifully crafted product that hangs neatly to fit your door handle. The style, shape and message can be re-designed to fit in with your brand’s culture. Messages can be embossed on the front and back providing a dual use product, other options for embossing could be:

’Please make up my room’

clg door hanger

’Please bring me coffee’

’I would appreciate a cup of tea’

’Snacks and caffeine welcome’

Whether it’s a traditional approach you’d like to take, or a more tongue in cheek message you’d like to emboss, no matter the quote, CLG’s design team will work with you to produce a hanging door sign that fits your every requirement. 

With a multitude of leather colours, grains and branding to choose from, there’s a hanging door sign to fit every brand’s messaging service.