As your supplier we recognise the part we play helping you win the fight against Covid-19, keeping your staff and customers reassured that you are taking all the necessary steps to ensure the best possible safety measures are being put in place.

We are therefore pleased to announce that we have put our sanitiser cleaner and degreaser Rapide through stringent testing at Blu Test Labs, the product has passed both ISO EN14476:2013 and ISO EN 14476 A2:2019 and is now certified to kill All Coronaviruses, SARS and Covid-19.

This testing means that both versions, Super Concentrated and our Ready to Use Rapide are covered by this test result (Blu Test Labs, Glasgow 5th May 2020 Report BT-ANG-01).

In addition to the above Rapide also certified against the following viruses and passes EN 1276 (antibacterial).

  • Poxviridae
  • Herpesviridae
  • Filoviridae (e.g. Ebola, Marburg) Flavivirus
  • Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)
  • Hepatitis Delta Virus (HDV)
  • Influenza Virus
  • Paramyxoviridae
  • Rubella Virus
  • Measles Virus
  • Rabies Virus
  • Coronaviruses (e.g. SARS, MERS)
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
  • Human T Cell Leukemia Virus (HTLV)
  • Hepatitis B virus (HBV)

Passes EN 14476:23013, EN 14476 A2: 2019 & EN 1276:2019 kills viruses and bacteria.