Elevate the allure of your selection of fine wines with the remarkable ShowCave – a wine display cabinet that seamlessly integrates storage functionality with the art of wine presentation. Designed exclusively for discerning restaurateurs and hoteliers, this exquisite cabinet offers a captivating blend of form and function that will undoubtedly captivate the senses of your clientele.

Stunning design.
The cabinet’s flush-fitting design, having a shallow depth of 499mm, is available in two widths, allowing you to curate a distinctive wine wall that complements your establishment’s aesthetic. Beyond its functional capacities, when installed free-standing, the cabinet undoubtedly adds an element of sophistication to any space it graces, with its glossy black glass contours.
The strategic placement of LEDs along the interior walls emanates a warm amber glow that subtly illuminates your finest labels. The reflective interior walls orchestrate light effects and create an illusion of depth and perspective, that irresistibly attract customers’ attention.
Assembled on repositionable stainless-steel rods, the Main du Sommelier bottle supports allow you to store and display your bottles individually. Bordeaux, Côtes-du-Rhône or Champagne magnums, arrange your bottles with ease.

Create your own wine wall with different service temperature.
Whether you opt for the one-door configuration accommodating up to 90 bottles or the two-door model housing up to 180 bottles, ShowCave is a single-temperature wine display cabinet offering a customizable range from 6°C to 20°C, ensuring your sparkling, whites, and reds wines are impeccably served at their optimal temperatures.
Thanks to its two widths, many combinations are possible, allowing you to create a unique ambiance for your establishment and choose the most suitable temperatures for your wine. ShowCave’s adaptability allows for creative arrangements, whether aligning three one-door cabinets for a triple serving environment or combining a one-door cabinet with a two-door cabinet for dual serving environments. Our dedicated ambassadors are at your service to guide you in crafting the perfect combination that aligns with your operational needs and aesthetic aspirations.

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