At Scent Square, we believe in the power of simplicity and the elegance of nature’s finest – dried lavender flowers. Our brand embodies the essence of handmade lavender gifts, exuding a natural, lasting therapeutic fragranceHandmade Lavender Gifts / Sustainable Hotel Gifts / Lavender Scented Pillow Covers without any artificial enhancements. 

We specialise in crafting small, aromatic wonders tailored for hotels and corporations looking to express genuine care and importance to their guests. Our sustainable hotel gifts extend beyond conventional offerings, featuring aromatic little bags, lavender-scented pillow covers, and delightful aromatic key rings.

Our sustainable hotel gifts are a blend of locally grown or responsibly sourced dry lavender flowers, carefully woven into exquisite textiles. Each lavender-scented pillow cover and gift is meticulously designed to suit your requirements and budget, offering a personalized touch in various shapes, sizes, and fabrics.

Sustainable Hotel GiftsElevate your special events with specially designed textile sachets filled with aromatic dry lavender flowers. Choose from a spectrum of customization options – materials, colors, decorations, and even logo printing – creating an unforgettable keepsake for your guests.

Complete your bespoke gifts with personalized packaging options – from transparent boxes to printed designs. Our graphic designers are at your service to bring your unique vision to life.

Witness the joyous reactions from your guests as they cherish these handmade lavender gifts. Some adorn their homes with these beautiful bags, while others treasure them in drawers or handbags. The stories are endless, each reflecting the joy and appreciation these gifts bring.

Explore our aromatic world at Scent Square and create lasting memories scented with care and thoughtfulness.