Offsite Solutions is the leading and longest established bathroom pod manufacturer in the UK, supplying over 10,000 pod units every year to major main contractors and developers. demista has worked with Offsite Solutions on a major hotel contract to make sure the difference in the mirrors on their bathrooms is perfectly clear – thanks to our demista mirror demisters.

image credit: Offsite Solutions

Offsite Solutions

Offsite Solutions offers the UK’s largest range of pods to suit different building types and applications. Options include steel framed pods with traditional tiled finishes for high-end apartments, student residences, and hotels; robust and low maintenance GRP composite pods for student accommodation, care homes, and healthcare; hybrid pods for special projects, and demountable pods for ease of installation for refurbishment schemes and sites with restricted access.

Why choose Offsite Solutions?

Factory built Bathrooms combine innovative design with precision engineering, offsite manufacture, and unrivaled customer service to deliver pod solutions of exceptional quality, radically reducing time on site and providing greater certainty of delivery on time and on budget.

With Demista’s support Mega Glass have kept up with multiple projects in 2018 and delivered a top quality service. Demista’s knowledge has been an asset to us in delivering information in a timely fashion to our clients which stands us in good stead to receive yet more work of this nature throughout 2019.

Andrew Fox, MegaGlass