Our new Glide II, Infinity, Svelte and Pier toilets and new Gallery Basins are crafted in Italy, a producing country at the forefront in manufacturing sustainable ceramic sanitaryware. Our factories based in the Civita Castellana area one the world’s foremost centres of product, research and development and renowned for the exceptional levels of design and technical quality of its products.

With a key focus on caring for the environment, our new rim free Glide II, Infinity, Svelte and Pier Toilets carry the Water Ecolabel 6 litre class, designed to greatly reduce water consumption. All our Rim Free toilets deliver a full flush using 4.5litres further reducing water usage.

In manufacturing the heat produced in the firing kilns is fully reused in the moulding drying process, while 95% of wastewater used in production is recycled and all of our plaster moulds are fully recyclable.

Particular attention is paid to recovering solid waste materials from the production processes. Products that do not meet our high-quality standards are ground and reused in production. Once a piece of ceramic reaches the end of its lifetime they can be recycled.

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