Creative Lab Amsterdam, the company behind the most amazing luxury hotel wallpaper, have recently released a new range of wallpapers and prints inspired by their collection from the Rijksmuseum.

These wonderful masterpieces are from their collection in the Rijksmuseum, featuring finely drawn flower and animal figures combed into imaginative prints which can really bring any wall to life.

“With awe for the past, I have fused fragments from the Rijksmuseum collection into a modern wallpaper collection. Every fine detail, from the butterfly to the floral wreath that became a starting point for one of the designs, can be found in the many drawings that I The different designs are not only beautiful on your wall, they continue to inspire by the beauty of the details, you keep looking at them and always see something new. Each wallpaper design tells a whole new story ” said art director and co- founder Heleen van Nierop.