Percipia, one of the worlds leading providers of mobility and telephony solutions and hospitality integration, has launched a new digital signage solution capable of displaying hotel information and engaging hotel guests 24/7. Built on the back of Percipia’s pre-existing Latitude mobility platform, their all-new digital signage (DS) solution – the Latitude DS – extends Percipia’s suite of solutions outside of the hotel guest room. With a display that is always on, guests can independently check flight and airline information, check-in and check-out, browse hotel amenities, check conference schedules and so much more! “We are always looking for new ways to enhance our current solutions to meet our customers’ challenges. Latitude DS gives your guest the option to independently check in, check out, and digitally communicate with your staff. If your guests desire a little more privacy or if they need their room made up, it should be as effortless as pressing one button, and that message is dispatched to the outdoor screen, property management system, workflow automation software, and any other system the hotel desires. I have always believed there is a solution for every guest and Latitude DS is that for those who like a little more independence in a current world of social distancing,” said Michael Velasquez, CEO at Percipia.

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The Latitude DS provides two fully customisable solution structures, enhancing every hotel guest’s experience. It can be implemented via a lobby wall-mounted or free-standing Android screen, offering mobile spa reservation, flight and airline information, check-in and check-out, browsing of hotel amenities, conference schedules, and additional other guest-centric information. Alternatively, this solution can be installed outside of every hotel guest room as a signage solution via a wall-mounted tablet, and can be set to display the guest room number, room status indicators like makeup room, DND, and go green service refusal, as well as selected hotel promotions and the hotel logo. The core of this amazing new signage solution is Percipia’s well-known integration engine: Parallax, which integrates with over 50 different hospitality systems offering a fully integrated application to hotel guests for a seamless experience. The Latitude DS is also made to be an extension of your hotel’s emergency broadcast process. You can instantly display and dispatch emergency memos to every screen in your hotel, whether they are used as signage outside hotel guest rooms or hotel lobby displays, allowing efficient broadcast updates.