At Cottonsafe we have been hand making natural and entirely chemical free bed mattresses (and Toppers) for over 10 years, in our workshop in Woodbury, Devon.

We know that a healthy and blissfully comfortable nights sleep is just as important to you and your customers, as it is to us.

Cottonsafe® Natural mattresses are the world’s first completely chemical free hotel and contract mattresses and Toppers. Not only do we make them chemical free, we also use a plethora of natural fibres . What’s that I hear you say? Surely it cannot get any better, chemical free and natural. Stop you are spoiling us. Nope I’m not stopping there, they are also completely sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable at the end of life.

Hotel owners, like their customers, are increasingly conscious of their green credentials and carbon footprint, so let us help you out. We know you want luxurious, decedent comfort but what if you can get this and help save the planet at the same time. Now you can! Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress are pioneers of chemical free mattresses, and we were the first manufacturer in the world to develop material that surpasses the UK fire regulations, without the use of fire retardants to CRIB 5 as well as BS7177 standard.

I am certain that across our range we will have the perfect solution to your mattress needs so please, get in touch.

Jamie & Rebecca