Côté Bougie Marrakech’s captivating scented candles and diffusers spring from family-run craftsmanship in Sidi Ghanem, Marrakech. Traditional know-how passed down through the centuries meets modern design and natural fragrances from Grasse, the world capital of perfume. All collections pay homage to Moroccan artisans and their age-old techniques. With over 30 different candle collections, 9 diffuser collections and 2 outdoor collections Côté Bougie offers the perfect product for every furnishing style.

Brand Story

A passionate project on the gas stove of a Moroccan kitchen… this is how the success story of Côté Bougie began in 2013. Since then, Côté Bougie has aimed to support Moroccan artisans and their ancient arts through collections that combine traditional know-how and modern design. The company always has relied on high-quality fine materials and natural ingredients. The candles – carefully crafted by hand – are made of 100% vegetable wax, the wick is made of pure, hand-woven cotton, the containers are produced of materials such as ceramic, clay and brass or recycled glass, decorated with natural fibers such as raffia and silk.

“We are proud of what we have created to differentiate ourselves in the handmade market. This is of utmost value to us and our true strength. By combining ethics and ecological change, we will continue to face new challenges while remaining respectful of both people and the environment,” said founder Saida Kadiri.


Handcrafted Scented Candles for any interior-style

Côté Bougie’s scented candles are available in a wide range of designs and scents to suit any interior. From ceramic or metal containers to glass decorated with hand-woven raffia or vegetable silk, from floral to oriental scents, each candle creates its own atmosphere and is reminiscent of the vast, breathtaking landscapes of Morocco.






Natural Room fragrances & diffusers

Côté Bougie additionally offers a range of home fragrances that give each room a special character while at the same time infusing them with dreamy scents. Discover our raffia diffusers, handwoven by a cooperative of women in Essaouira for a pure, light, cocooning atmosphere in your hotel. Or give the diffusers with the typical Moroccan pottery containers a try, which bring a twist of typical handcraft and modern design into every room.





Original fragrances: A unique atmosphere

Our scents are so much more than just a fragrance. They are an olfactory hallmark. Working alongside a team in Grasse, the world capital of perfume, we aim for our creations to send you on a journey throughout Morocco, through hespiridean, floral and oriental aromas. The scented candles are not only soothing for body and soul, but they are also kind to the planet. In doing so, they meet the spirit of the times to round off the experience of your customers.




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boté cosmetics stand for a passion for the extraordinary, combined with an affinity for sustainable hotel cosmetics, luxury gifting for hotels and lifestyle brands. As an extremely service-oriented distributor, they only supply brands that live up to their high values and standards. Sustainability, the use of predominantly natural ingredients, tested quality, the effectiveness of the products, and beautiful design are key not just for them, but for most customers nowadays. With two sustainable skincare brands – WILDSMITH SKIN from Great Britain and LAGALENE MILANO from Italy – and the natural candles & diffusers from their brand CÔTÉ BOUGIE from Morocco they offer the perfect hotel products to let your guests feel the high quality of your hotel and to make them feel welcome and refreshed.

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