Contactless Mobile-based Desk Booking Software Launched by Aircharge, combined with the check-in system using digital markers supporting business transactions back to the office. The new software allows enterprises and organisations to manage their employees’ safe return to the office in accordance with the latest social distancing regulations.
Aircharge, leading company in wireless solutions for contract use worldwide, has developed a safe to use and easy to install check-in management and desk booking system to give a hand to enterprises, organisations and other institutions as they manage and plan their workforce as they return to work. The turnkey solution is easy and quick to implement by both large and small businesses to keep an eye on visitors and guests coming in and out of the premises, office capacity, and track and trace employees, keeping a complete record of all bodies who enter the workplace and logging them into the system automatically, following the latest social distancing regulations.
Each workstation which is available in the venue can be identified by a digital marker which is uniquely programmed, and all the employee needs to do is scan the QR code with their phone or tap the unit to check in at the space that has been specifically allocated and verify their identity. No power is required for the Aircharge digital table markers in order for them to function, and they can be conveniently and easily installed to any table or desk. They can also be wiped with cleaning agent or antibacterial spray as they are waterproof. Aircharge compliments the booking software by offering a wide range of wireless charging solutions made for the office, providing exactly the same features as their digital marker, allowing the wireless charging of employees mobile devices. The wireless charging units can be fitted into the standard 80mm grommet in the desk. Both the wireless charger and the digital marker are available with an antibacterial finish. The Managing Director at Aircharge, Ryan Sanderson, said, “At Aircharge we continue to improve and evolve our offering in response to the challenges of the times and needs of our customers. With the launch of the desk booking software and digital marker check-in system we aim to assist companies to re-establish their workplace operations and provide their workforce with a safe and easy to use solution to come back to the office.” Hotel News