Creative Director at Constructive Image, Chris Lucas, expands on the company’s interior design and construction solutions for hotels.

Can you tell us more about Constructive Image’s unique approach to luxury interior installations and bespoke furniture manufacturing?

We are a small team with a hands on approach across multiple disciplines, so from design and installation of furnishing and planting through to metal fabrication and building alterations, we can control the whole process.

Constructive Image has worked with prestigious clients such as Porsche Cars, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Roger Dubois, and Porsche Design Stores. How does the company tailor its services to meet the specific needs and aesthetic preferences of such high-profile clients?

Our clients are constantly dealing with uncompromising clients of their own and in order to deliver a world class service they need to have complete trust in the interior of their environment. We work hard to understand the process and needs of our clients so that the interior we provide work seamlessly in everyday operation.

The company offers a turnkey solution for clients, from the initial survey and discussions to the design process, manufacture, and installation. How does Constructive Image ensure a seamless and cohesive process throughout these stages?

That’s easy – it’s all about communication. Communication with the client but also throughout the process, our designers will liaise with our workshop and with our installation teams to ensure that the client is getting the best possible product.

How does the company balance creativity and functionality to deliver spaces that not only look beautiful but also meet the practical needs of hotel environments?

By constantly updating our knowledge of the materials, technology and processes available to us in a fast moving environment.

The company offers services such as bespoke cafes and bars, cabinetry, display furniture, reception desks, and more. How does Constructive Image maintain a consistent level of quality and craftsmanship across such a diverse range of offerings?

The proximity of our sales, design and workshop staff is invaluable, we can anticipate issues, control the process and adapt very quickly to changes in the brief or site situation.

Constructive Image is involved in manufacturing bespoke wallpaper and interior and exterior graphics. How does the company stay ahead of design trends and incorporate innovative elements into its graphic solutions for hotel interiors?

Keeping our eyes open. We work with many inspiring organisations and individuals who are at the forefront of their respective fields. In our industry inspiration is literally all around us.

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