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Conquering the World With Her Luxury Hotel Slippers


After having worked for ten years in the pharmaceutical industry, Aurélie Varin decided to start her own company by creating a brand of luxury hotel slippers. Interview.

The Awakening of Pont-Audemer. Leaving the pharmaceutical industry to enter the luxury shoe market, it’s rather surprising! Explain to us the reasons for this professional reconversion?

Aurélie Varin: “The idea came to me a year ago, during the maternity leave of my third child. I worked for ten years in the pharmaceutical industry, but I could not find my account. I wanted to give meaning to my life. I wanted to create jobs in France and showcase French know-how to export abroad. ”

Why did you choose the luxury hotel slipper market?

“Because it’s a market that does not exist. Moreover, I do not really like the term “slipper” which returns a somewhat dated image. I prefer to talk about luxury indoor shoes . I launched my activity last June by creating the brand “Edith and Marcel” in reference to the famous couple Édith Piaf and Marcel Cerdan , this mythical couple of years 1940-1950, which represents the French chic and elegance. They are very well known internationally. ”

Where are your luxury indoor shoes for hotels made?

“I have the chance to work with the Marco factory in Pont-de-l’Arche (Eure) . It is the oldest shoe factory in France. It was founded in 1750. Since June 2018, 300 pairs of indoor shoes have been manufactured and sold. They are made of lambskin with a velvet goat sole. The raw materials come directly from a tannery located in Indre-et-Loire . The shoebox is made of Sarthe , the tissue paper comes from Charente and the labels of Aix en Provence . In short, everything is made in France. ”

Who says luxury also says restricted market. Which clientele are you targeting?

“Indeed, a pair of indoor shoes costs 249 euros. The luxury market is too small in France. To sell my products in large quantities, I am focused on finding professional customers all over the world. For now, my biggest client is a Japanese shop. I also have client shops in Switzerland , the United States and France. My goal is to make the brand “Édith et Marcel”, a world reference in luxury indoor shoes. ”

Luxury Hotel Slippers

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