Talk to me about what’s new at Componendo.

We have many projects in the pipeline, but the one to which we have given all our energy and which has recently left our design offices is our new bathroom console model FOSS in stainless steel, with an ultra-modern line and with the particularity of having a concealed drain

We spoke back in May about how you were wanting to expand and do more business in the UK and USA. Have you progressed with this at all?

In England we started to sell extensively and to have a commercial network since last year, but now we want to concentrate on the German market.

You recently released your new product line TUY. How has the response been to the adhesive accessories?

The new TUY glued accessories have had great success, as despite being in AISI304 stainless steel with a scotch brite finish, the price is low, easy to install and super resistant to everything, above all they are required for public environments.

How much bespoke work do you do?

Every week arrives an offer or an order of bespoke work, either they ask us for completely customized products based on the customer’s design or they ask us to modify some of our models.