Componendo was founded in 1999 by Domenico Battistoni after he had spent many years in the kitchen industry developing the sales of German made kitchen products in Italy. He came to realise that there was a market for high-end kitchen and bathroom furniture made with stainless steel, which led to the founding of Componendo. The Componendo workshops have the privilege of being located in a region of Italy where the knowledge of the materials is unrivalled. Not only this but Componendo use the most advanced technologies and have a highly qualified and specialised work force.

I spoke with Matteo Battistoni, CEO and Interior designer about some of Componendo’s goals for the near future. Currently their target market is Europe, but in particular Italy, France and Germany. However they would like to increase their sales in to the UK and U.S.A, with long term plans to target Arab and Asian countries using E-commerce platforms. Their short-term goal for 2022 is to have doubled the turnover they made in 2021 for all items sold under the Componendo brand.

The global pandemic has effected a large number of business and Componendo was no exception; however they adapted by implementing online sales as a large number of people turned their attention to home improvements and hotel renovation projects. By increasing their sales presence online, they helped offset the continuous increase in material, services and energy costs.

All of the products that Componendo design are certainly that of unique design and superb quality of fabrication, but Matteo explained that it’s also down to a perfect synthesis of the best technologies, modern and functional design and craftsmanship that sets Componendo above their competitors. Their fundamental aim is to satisfy their customers, who come to Componendo for elements that express quality and that elevate and qualify their surrounding furnishings. One of Componendo’s strengths is also the customisation of their products and the creation of totally new models in collaboration with their customers and architects.

Componendo’s product designs are credited to their team of incredibly talented internal designers, with one of their best selling ranges being their TINO series of built-in accessories that offers the ideal combination of utility, rationality, discretion and refinement. The emphasis on design and quality is also evidenced by the fact that Componendo received the award for best design article for two consecutive years from ArchiDesignClub; the most important community of French architects and designers that establish the ‘PALMARES DES PRODUITS DE L’ARCHITECTURE ET DU DESIGN’, which is an amazing achievement!

There is no doubt that there will be plenty of new and exciting product releases to come from Componendo in the coming months and one of which that has just been released to the market is their new self adhesive bathroom accessories series called TUY, that comes in the eternal material stainless steel and is ergonomically designed to facilitate installation with a low price tag for affordability. Componendo have worked with many distributors over time; both private and large well known names like Amazon which have helped bring them plenty of exposure and made their products accessible to a global market. Matteo explained that they have also completed a number of projects with hotels in the past, but they are keen to increase their exposure within this market. A great example of this is their fantastic work on supplying their bathroom consoles and accessories to a very important project in las Vegas, whereby the designer was the well-known singer Lenny Kravitz. It was Lenny himself that chose to work with Componendo after he had sought them out online without any assistance as he loved their products and innovative design and this is something that Componendo are incredibly proud of.