It is well known that in the bathroom, furnishings play a very important role not only in terms of functionality. From an aesthetic point of view, they combine to make this intimate environment a real space for relaxation, pleasing to the eye, tidy and organized.

But if true, beauty is a question of details, accessories are the essential element to give a personal and tasteful touch to the bathroom.

Useful to complete toilets and bidets, perfect for embellishing the frame of the sink, ideal for organizing bathtubs and showers. There are accessories for every taste and need: in wood, plastic or stainless steel, free-standing or fixed, with geometric lines or soft shapes.

Here some tips for choosing the perfect accessories for your style and your bathroom!


Zen style, urban character or classic allure. It doesn’t matter what the style of your bathroom is, as long as all the elements inside are consistent with each other. In order for the bathroom space to communicate order and harmony, it is necessary to find a balance between the pieces of furniture and the details that complete it. This is why the accessories must be chosen in line with the style and colors of the bathroom fixtures, coverings and objects.


The choice of bathroom accessories also depends on the space available. In a small bathroom, suspended or built-in accessories are excellent space-saving solutions, which furnish and decorate without cluttering.

If the bathroom is large instead of countertop accessories and design pieces that look like works of art in the large environment, where each element becomes a style detail to enrich the aesthetic impact of the entire space.

Not just decorations

Aesthetically pleasing and elegant, bathroom accessories are not just decorations. These are useful details that contribute to the comfort of the bathroom. Here then is that accessories must combine style and design with practicality and functionality.

The new self-adhesive TUY line by Componendo and the well-known TINO built-in line bring a new concept in terms of accessories to the bathroom: not just refined details and craftsmanship of every detail, but also modern and smart objects, capable of integrating elegantly in the bathroom to appear only at the right moment.