Leave the walls free from eaves and enrich the surfaces with small gaps. A new way of enhancing spaces through simple lines, essential shapes and the neutral color of stainless steel, whose natural light shapes the niches creating depth and atmosphere.

Remove rather than add. Remove the superfluous, leave any superabundance. It simplifies, blends and models simple shapes to produce modern and functional built-in bathroom accessories.

For the bathroom, Componendo has designed lines of accessories characterized by simple volumes and clean and thin lines, of only 2 mm, particularly versatile both from an aesthetic and practical point of view: functional and refined objects thanks to the shine of stainless steel, perfect for hotel bathrooms as well as home bathrooms, where they ensure a contemporary and minimal aesthetic result.

The excellent quality of the stainless steel and precious woods used for the furniture made by Componendo is the result of a great attention to details and finishes. These are the elements that make our products exclusive pieces of furniture. Each model has a unique personality, able to satisfy any interior design need. From classic to more contemporary spaces, our stainless steel furniture is a versatile design solution that can easily adapt to different interior furnishing contexts.

The steel furniture designed by Componendo is unique, entirely handmade and completely customizable. Every detail is designed to enhance the style and space of your room. The perfect furnishing solution starts from the satisfaction of specific interior furnishing needs and is able to satisfy any aesthetic and design requirement.

Nowadays the bathroom is no longer seen as a simple service space, but rather as a place to treat with extreme attention, from both a technical and aesthetic point of view.