Zepice are a family business priding themselves on creating the most aromatic flavours through using different spice blends. Following the release of eleven new blends, they have rebranded their products to really share their message.

By providing a different taste to anything else on the market, Zepice soon caught the eye and indeed the taste of many paste and spice lovers.

Founder and owner Leyla Nellan decided that she wanted to showcase just how different her brand was from the others on the market by rebranding the packaging and colour schemes.

Zepice pride themselves on taking the simplest ingredients and making the most flavoursome of dishes. Through new design and colour, they have recreated the appearance of their product in order to really demonstrate that they are the taste that stands out from the crowd.

And what’s better than a rebrand? Picking up THREE Great Taste Awards! Zepice will continue to pride themselves on being different, offering new flavours with Mauritian heritage at their heart. So much so, Zepice are the first in the UK to make a Mauritian Fusion Blend! To find out more about this wonderful brand, visit their profile here!