The transition from one year to the next is often seen as the perfect opportunity to initiate good practices, develop new habits, or achieve personal goals.  For many people, improved health and wellness is a focus and they enter the year eager to make positive changes. 

People feeling inspired at the start of 2024 may make resolutions to run a marathon, lose weight, drink more water, or find time for daily meditation. Maintaining progress towards these goals can be challenging while traveling and a considered space, well-equipped and prepared for yoga, meditative, or other exercise and physical practice is essential. 

Manduka is also beginning the year with renewed energy and focus. While we certainly have goals and specific objectives to achieve in 2024, we are resolved to continue the philosophies the brand committed itself to from the very beginning: 

  • To create performance products with purpose, by sourcing materials responsibly and minimizing environmental waste; 
  • To strengthen the yoga and wider wellness communities, through special partnerships and specific programs to support teachers and studios; 
  • To encourage more people to begin or to deepen their practice, with steady, assured support. 

Our raison d’être is to uphold wellness goals and quests for better living, at any time of the year.  Whatever personal resolution has been made around health and fitness, Manduka mats truly are the foundation and starting point. The legendary cushioning of the PRO and PROlite Yoga Mat series with their superior performance and stability is the perfect launch pad for anyone beginning or sustaining a yoga or mat-based discipline.  These mats have been the most recommended, most durable, and most versatile in the Manduka collection since their introduction and are fundamental to any well-equipped studio. 

For some people, 2024 will be a year to find more quiet time and inner peace amidst the challenges and stresses of life.  Meditation and other mental and physical techniques to improve overall well-being, like Qigong and yoga nidra, are gaining in popularity for this very reason. 

Many meditative practices can be aided with cushions and Manduka offers a range of comfortable, supportive equipment.  The EnlightTM series of bolsters is offered in multiple shapes from rectangular to round to accommodate seated or reclined positions.  The various patterns, textures, and colours available coordinate with Manduka’s performance yoga mats for a seamless, modern look for your gym or wellness studio. 

Best wishes from Manduka for a happy, healthy, and prosperous year.  May 2024 be your best yet! 

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis