Despite the huge health benefits of hemp-based CBD oil (non-psychoactive cannabis) as a food supplement, it can be hard to know how to use it effectively to enhance your hotel and spa retail.

This is partly because CBD has therapeutic properties which often take a while to kick in (six to twelve weeks); partly because CBD is still a surprise for people to see for sale in a hotel setting; and partly because CBD that is actually effective is expensive.

Here are three recommendations for products to use for guest retail which won’t break the bank, and also advice on how to position them.

CBD in Salve jars – full-size and travel-size

The skin has its own EndoCannabinoid System (this is what CBD is food for); nourishing it with CBD not only has moisturising effects, but also pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Our botanical formulation contains the highest-quality ‘full-spectrum’ CBD oil in a ‘Bi Bong’ base; this is a perfectly-balanced ancient Asian formulation which acts as a supreme delivery system for CBD into the skin.

Our Salves come in full-size (40ml) or travel-sized (3ml) jars.

BENEFITS: use on dry skin & lips for moisturising, and on sore muscles and joints for pain relief
RECOMMENDATIONS FOR RETAIL: gift the travel jars to guests on arrival; then retail the full-size jars. Also excellent for spa retail

See our RELAXING CBD Salve here

CBD in capsules, not bottles

Undoubtedly the most popular method, CBD in oil form is even easier to take when it comes in capsules rather than bottles. It’s less well absorbed than when taken as liquid oil under the tongue, but only slightly. And the beneficial trade-off is ease of use.

Capsules mix the benefits of edibles and CBD oils: they’re convenient and easy to take, while giving a more precise serving amount than when the oil is in purely liquid form. Capsules also allow bypassing the distinct taste of CBD oils, which can be ‘earthy’.

Our 25mg capsules come in blister packs, and contain true ‘broad-spectrum’ CBD.

BENEFITS: travel-size portability. Easier to take than squeezing drops from a bottle. NB, remind guests to be careful of local laws when travelling (through countries where CBD may be illegal)
RECOMMENDATIONS FOR RETAIL: a highly convenient way for guests to continue taking CBD during and after their hotel stay with you

See our WELLBEING CBD Gel Capsules here

CBD Vapes

Vaping is an increasingly popular way of taking CBD – particularly for casual users – because inhaling it is such a fast, quick-acting method. The lungs have thousands of receptor sites for CBD.

Vaping is certainly convenient and allows taking small portions of CBD every few minutes, which is the best solution for a steady, but not excessive, use of CBD. Even the act of holding a Vape ‘pen’ can be calming, and we have three kinds: one for energy, one for sleep, and one for calm (the last two being the most popular).

Our broad-spectrum Vapes are safe (no synthetic vitamin E, nor PEG4 acetate), and contain an optimal blend of cannabinoids, like CBD, CBD-A, CBG and CBN

BENEFITS: quick acting, convenient and safe
RECOMMENDATIONS FOR RETAIL: sell based on easy portability, and sleek style

See our SLEEP CBD Vape here

For all Kannaway products, we can also arrange that guests continue to be your customer beyond their stay with you – via your hotel’s account with us. This is a popular way to maintain guest relations and increase customer loyalty. Details on request