On a mission to make the EV switch simple, EVC are making their mark when it comes to providing accessible EV charging.  

EVC recently installed at Portal Golf & Spa Resort, a 4-star venue located in the heart of the Cheshire countryside. They offer a variety of amenities including 3 golf courses, a luxury spa and other leisure facilities. The resort is owned by Macdonald Hotels & Resorts, who EVC have partnered with to ensure their customers have access to reliable EV chargers.

EVC visited the site and held a consultation with Portal Golf & Spa Resort to determine the best approach, which involves understanding the type and number of chargers best suited to the location to meet demand.

With this install, 3 22kW dual socket chargers have been made available to guests of the resort – that’s 6 active bays. This ensures guests who drive electric can make use of the venue’s amenities and come back to a fully charged vehicle once they are finished. EVC have also futureproofed the site by including the infrastructure for a further 14 bays, so that as the number of EV vehicles on the road increases, so does the number of chargers.

The chargers were installed on EVC’s fully-funded solution, making it free of cost for the business. On this solution, EVC also cover the cost of ongoing maintenance to the chargers, so customers can rest assured that they will always have access to working EV chargers.