“The Zaptec Pro looks great, is easy to fit, and the load management technology makes it ideal for large single site installations.” – Tom Butcher, Head of Sales and Business Development at Dynamic Energy Solutions.

When a commercial landlord approached Dynamic Energy Solutions (DES) to outfit an all-new business park with 18 post-mounted EV chargers, the DES team began evaluating the best options on the market. A specialist in renewable energy installation and services, DES provide reliable, technologically advanced electrical contracting services and installations for all kinds of commercial and industrial business. They are also experts in Solar PV, Wind, EV charging and other specialist services covering the whole of the UK.



The client first approached DES because of their expertise and experience in delivering solutions to satisfy multiple parties. In the case of this project, it meant working alongside – and managing the requirements of – three different businesses using the property as well as the commercial landlord. The initial commission was for 18 post-mounted EV chargers.

The chargers were to be used by both staff members and visitors to the three businesses. As such, DES needed OCPP-compliant chargers that were easy to install, came with excellent installer support, and had the load management capabilities to handle the somewhat complex installation.

From a DES point of view, the solution needed to be easy to commission while also providing the customer with a scalable and future-ready system. As this was a professional environment, the chargers also needed to look the part and enhance the space rather than take away from it.

Another challenge was that the three tenants wanted to use separate back-office software providers to manage payment and charger usage – Monta and Clenergy.



To meet the combined requirements of the landlord and the three tenants, DES decided to use 18 Zaptec Pro chargers. The Zaptec team highlighted that multiple chargers could be run from one dedicated incoming supply using the Zaptec Pro’s in-built Load & Phase balancing system. This solution required only a singular 3-phase O-PEN Fault protection system upstream, as the chargers would be installed outdoors on a PME system. Sarah Mizzi from Zaptec visited the site when the installation was nearing completion to offer some support with the final commissioning and see the chargers in action.

“Working with Zaptec made the job quick and efficient,” explained Tom Butcher, Head of Sales and Business Development at DES. “One thing that really stood out was their installer support and communication around the project. Their technology is fantastic, with the automatic load-balancing tech meaning that we can easily add additional points in the future if the client requests them. The Zaptec Pro is perfectly suited to larger single-site installations like this and was really easy for our team to install.”

This installation is to be used by three different tenants on the same business park and is being split between 2 different back office software providers (Monta and Clenergy).


From initial contact to completion, the project took some time. With three different tenants in the business park and split between two different software management systems (Monta and Clenergy), DES relied upon Zaptec’s support and the capabilities of the Zaptec Pro to ensure smooth integration and timely delivery. Integration with Monta was very straightforward (the preferred platform), and Zaptec’s technicians were on-hand to integrate Clenergy as it was the first time Zaptec chargers had been used with the Clenergy back office.

Our team love installing the Zaptec Pro and working with the Zaptec team, it looks great, is easy to fit, and the load management technology means it is ideal for large single-site installations.

“Both the commercial landlord and the tenants were very happy with the slick-looking chargers, and the handover went smoothly,” concluded Tom Butcher. “It could have been a challenge managing the different payment platforms, but the Zaptec team were able to easily smooth out any issues and ensure the site was up and running quickly. We will definitely be using Zaptec Pro chargers in the future and are thrilled with the Zaptec team’s collaborative spirit and the end result we achieved for the customer.”

For more information on Zaptec and the Zaptec Pro, contact us via Hotel Suppliers.