What was the inspiration behind your company/products and how does this show in your company ethos?

The inspiration behind the company is to bring smaller producers of Champagne to the UK market, offering greater choice and often valuable to the market. It is also to provide a bespoke branding service to our customers, only available via smaller independent Champagne producers.

What is your main target market currently? And what market would you like to grow into more?

Our main target market at present is businesses/ corporate customers who wish to have award-winning Champagnes coupled with bespoke branding. We would like to grow into the hotels market.

What are your short and long-term goals?

In the short term, we continue to push towards a wider audience for our Champagne and private labelling services, in the hope that we increase the volume of sales. In the long-term, we look to offering a wider variety of smaller producers Champagnes, wines and curvees. We also look to operating our own bonded warehouses here in the UK, allowing for a smoother and faster supply chain from grower to drinker.

What makes Your business stand out and unique?

Whilst there are other companies that offer private label and bespoke branding for Champagne, many of these companies treat the actual Champagne in the bottle as a secondary concern, thinking only of the label. This is where we differ; our Champagnes and wines are award-winning and are very carefully selected. Our top vintages have beaten the biggest Champagne houses in blind taste tests.

Where do your design ideas come from for the products?

We have in-house designers who will work with our clients to best understand and represent their branding and ideas, reflected in the finished concepts and seen on our bespoke bottles. We very much collaborate with our clients.

What would you say was your proudest moment, For the company has been?

Being a preferred supplier to Cambridge University and to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge.

What is your best-selling product and What is your favorite product? Our Dominique Boulard Brut Reserve is our best-selling product. It delivers superb quality alongside outstanding value, in an attractive bottle. My favorite product is our Dominique Boulard Vintage Singularis, with its gold embossed foil label and dark gold Champagne inside, it is the Rolls Royce that people haven’t really heard about.

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