Can you tell us more about the GPO Retro brand and its range of vintage telephones for hotels?

Each GPO product is designed and manufactured with care. We create authentic retro designs, with modern innovation and vitality. There’s attention to detail, each product has its own personality. We love bringing the past bang up to date.

Retro doesn’t mean dated. We bring together a vintage* style with a modern kit. How our products are used is at the heart of what we do.

We make what our consumers say they love and need, continually expanding our collection and product range.


How do GPO Retro’s products contribute to creating a distinct style within hotel rooms and hospitality venues?

The GPO 746 range, the Carrington and GPO 200 are available in a range of colours, so you can add a personal touch.

Many opt for a telephone with a vintage personality. GPO Retro works with hotels looking for both Analogue and SIP/IP Telephones.

You can choose to individualise the telephone design by personalising the disc in the centre of the telephone with your own brand.


Your product range includes both Analogue and SIP/IP Telephones. Could you explain the benefits of each option and the flexibility they offer to your hotel clients?

On an analogue telephone, you call via the fixed, physical telephone network. The phone is connected to the analogue network via a cord. If lines are already present, which is usually the case, set-up investment is minimal but calls are charged by the service provider.

In the early 2000s, a new kind of telephony, IP telephony, became increasingly popular. With IP telephony, you call via the internet instead of via the fixed telephone network. The result is that the initial investment is higher, but there are no further call charges and the venues retains control over call routing. This means that the responsibility of call quality and function lies with the venue via a PABX control box.


GPO Retro offers the option to personalize the disc in the center of the telephone with a brand’s logo or design. How does this customization process work, and can you provide some examples of successful branding collaborations?

We work with the client to produce a circular sticker that perfectly aligns with the center pad. The result is both aesthetically pleasing and professional. Here are two examples:


In terms of technology and features, what sets GPO Retro’s telephones apart from other options available to hotels and hospitality venues?

There are two reasons that venues come to us:

  • when they want to present a nostalgic, vintage personality
  • when they want a bespoke solution that meets the needs of their specific venue, such as a unique colour, the addition of an SOS button or configuring the centre pad to play a bedtime story for a little one


Can you tell us about any future developments or products that GPO Retro is working on to meet the evolving needs of the hotel and hospitality industry?

Nothing has been confirmed to date, but we are actively exploring possibilities concerning products that would work well alongside our current ranges.


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