Hotel Suppliers reporter interviews Prima Coffee to learn more about how their high-quality coffee equipment are taking the hospitality industry by storm. 

Can you provide a brief overview of Prima Coffee Equipment and its establishment in 2009?

Prima Coffee evolved out of a long-standing restaurant supply company based in Louisville, KY. When the specialty coffee industry was hitting its third wave, the team at Prima saw an opportunity and jumped on it. We started with creating high-quality content to teach people how to use the equipment and continue to forge relationships with manufacturers which has put us in a position as the premier destination for both residential and commercial coffee equipment. 

Could you elaborate on the range of hotel espresso machines and coffee equipment PrimaHotel Espresso Machines / Hotel Coffee Equipment / Coffee Machines for Hotels Coffee Equipment offers for both residential and commercial use?

We specialize in carrying a curated catalog of equipment, and this doesn’t stop with our line of espresso machines. Whether someone is looking for a high-end La Marzocco or Slayer machine, or needing an economy option such as UNIC or Astoria, we have comprehensive options available. Our team is trained and able to advise on any of our home or commercial machines to assist in the buying process to make sure that the customer is getting the best fit for their needs. 

Many times the espresso machine is the biggest investment in a set up, and we want to make sure that it is intentional and strategic. There are a lot of decisions that go into purchasing a full set up, so making sure that all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together well is something that we always seek to achieve. 

How does Prima Coffee Equipment leverage its team’s expertise in the specialty coffee industry to enhance the offerings for hotels?

Knowing the volume expected in someone’s coffee service goes a long way in helping to determine the build out needs of a customer. While a cafe operates much differently than a hotel, the basic principles are still the same. Through our discovery process with a client we are able to pinpoint the areas of opportunity and the equipment that would meet those needs in order to see the highest profit potential as well as ensure the smoothest workflow for the environment and application. 

Coffee Machines for Hotels / Hotel espresso machinesPrima Coffee Equipment offers customization options- how does this customization contribute to enhancing a hotel’s brand and guest experience?

Most of our customers opt for the non-customized versions of the equipment that they purchase for cost savings, but we do have customers who want to put the extra investment into their equipment through customization. We have seen it have a really good impact on the brand awareness of the businesses that do that. Their photos on their site and socials are always really recognizable, and customers also really enjoy taking photos of the space when it has a unique look so they can post and share as well. 

The inclusion of free shipping, installation, and a warranty period is impressive. How does Prima Coffee Equipment ensure a smooth purchasing process and after-sales support for hotel clients?

Our customer service and sales team has over 3 decades of experience in the coffee industry. So coordinating logistics for the installation and post-purchase support on large pieces of equipment comes second nature. We have done installations all over the United States, and have a vast network of qualified technicians who can offer servicing and repairs when necessary. 

Our on-staff Lead Technician, John, has been working on coffee equipment since the 90’s so he’s seen it all. He is very knowledgeable and able to easily walk customers through the installation process and what to expect and how to prep their space.

Can you provide insights into the commercial support team’s role in assisting hotel clients, especially in complex or large-scaleHotel Espresso Machines projects?

Our team is able to help with build-out assistance from start to finish. We work with customers to create a layout that is going to best suit their needs as well as work with their plumbing and electrical requirements. We have worked with clients large and small and with a wide range of budgets and volume needs, so our team is well equipped to walk alongside our clients from the start of a project to the finish.

Are there any upcoming products or developments in Prima Coffee Equipment’s pipeline that hotels should be excited about?

There are some really interesting new products that we will be hitting the market in 2024 that we are looking forward to and can’t wait to share with our customers. We also have a new course launching in our Prima Coffee Community early 2024 that will be uniquely geared toward those who are wanting to create a profitable coffee service. It is a great resource that will guide people in many stages of development in their coffee business to think through the aspects required for profitability. 

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