Waste Paper Bins Made to be Seen

Over the past two decades, Must Have Bins has specialised in elevating essential room accessories for luxury homes and hotels throughout Europe and Worldwide. We understand that a luxury hotel is not just a place to stay, but a space that provides a uniquely nourishing experience for guests. For hoteliers to achieve this feat every detail matters, and that’s how we can help.

To really understand the hotel’s brief we have a dedicated design team that partners closely with the

hotel. Our bespoke team will work with a hotel’s requirements and then connect with our extensive network of crafts persons who are based in the great craft centres of the world. We have developed a close relationship with our craft teams over the last 20 years, and this allows us to offer a range of finishes and styles, including hand painted, natural wood, stainless steel, rattan, natural stone and leather. By having access to this extensive pool of talent we can offer a design that matches the hotel’s style, timescale and budget. As all pieces are handmade, we can create collections in small quantities and with flexibility so that the smallest details are considered.

Attentive Bespoke Service 

Our bespoke service is available to the 10 room boutique hotel all the way up to those with 100+ rooms.

For hotels short on time or just requiring a few pieces we have a developed a large collection of styles over the years, which is held in London and can be despatched in a few days.

More Must Have Hotel Room Accessories

Once our hotel clients had the choice of an extensive range of waste paper bins, tissues and trays, we began elevating other hotel room necessities such as luggage racks, umbrella-stick stands and reception area essentials.

Our luggage racks are made with wood, stainless steel or brass frames and a choice of leather, canvas or fabric belts in an array of designs.


We have also turned our creative attention to umbrella-stick stands, offering a choice of hand painted on metal, brass or wood.

Please peruse a selection of our most popular hotel interior accessories below, view all our designs on our website and invite us in to speak with your designers. We would be delighted to offer practical options that meet your hotel’s design theme and exact requirements, large or small.