Look after your guests and the planet with hotel EV charging!

To be a leader in the hospitality industry in the 21st century, you must embrace sustainability. We are all aware of the climate crisis and the importance of looking after the planet, so there is no escape when it comes to adopting green practices at your hotel. We’re going to tell you why and how hoteliers can look after their guests and the planet at the same time, by providing onsite EV charging. Sustainability in hotels is not just a moral necessity, but a strategic one too.

Why is it crucial for hotels to make sustainability a core part of their business?

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to consumers, with a study by NielsenIQ concluding that nearly two thirds of UK consumers value sustainability more in 2023 compared to two years ago. This number will likely only rise as concerns for the health of our planet grow. Guests evidently want hotels to conduct their business sustainably; hotels that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability not only attract eco-conscious guests but also enhance their brand reputation among an increasingly competitive market.

To stay ahead of the curve and stand out from competition, hoteliers must make sustainability an integral part of their agenda – and installing EV charging is one simple way to do this.


What do hotels gain from installing EV charging?

Providing onsite EV charging at your hotel enables guests to seamlessly incorporate charging into their stay. 90% of drivers will seek out destinations that provide EV charging over those that do not, so this amenity has become essential for hotels! In addition to increasing the number of visitors to your hotel, there are other benefits to installing EV charging facilities:

  1. Attract eco-conscious guests:

As we mentioned, sustainability should be engrained in your hotel’s business operations nowadays. By offering convenient, onsite EV charging to guests, you’ll attract a customer base that values our planet, reducing your hotel’s CO2 emissions produced through visitor travel.

  1. Grow the UK’s charging network

Growing the UK’s charging network is imperative to ensuring that more people feel confident to ditch their petrol or diesel vehicle and switch to electric. The more hotels that install EV charging, the more choice people have, meaning drivers can be more flexible with when and where they charge. This reduces ‘range anxiety’ for drivers – the fear of not being able to find a charge point before reaching your destination.

  1. Boost your hotel’s revenue

Offering EV charging to guests opens your hotel doors to the ever-growing generation of EV drivers, and this convenience provides great reason for them to return to your hotel again and again. This keeps your rooms full and in turn can generate additional revenue through usage of the chargers, as well as increased dwell time of guests visiting for other purposes such as to use the hotel’s golf course or spa.

There are endless benefits that hoteliers see when they install EV charging, and demand for sustainable travel and EV charging is ever rising.

In October 2023, 15% of all new cars registered in the UK were electric – by 2035, all new cars registered will be electric, so this number is set to grow year-on-year. As we get closer to 2035, increasing numbers of hotels will look to install EV charging to keep up with the rising demand from drivers. But with so many people already switching to EV, it’s a good idea to act sooner rather than later.

Our EV Charging Solutions:

At EVC, we work with hotels to develop the perfect EV charging solution, based on the specific requirements and capabilities of each individual location.

If you’re interested, you can enquire today and one of our EV charging experts will be in touch. They will then guide you through the entire process, from initial contact until the chargers go live, including providing any assistance you require after.

Now, we understand that it can be tricky to budget for projects like this, which is why we offer both client funded and fully funded financial solutions. With our fully funded solution, the cost of the entire installation and management process is covered by EVC, allowing hotels to provide guests with convenient EV charging with zero CapEx or OpEx costs. Alternatively, on our client funded solution, you own the chargers whilst we manage and maintain them. At EVC, we know that all hotels are unique, and we can work together to understand what works best for your hotel.

EVC x Macdonald Hotels & Resorts

When it comes to EV charging at hotels, we have plenty of experience. Macdonald Hotels & Resorts are one of our valued partners, and we partnered with them to provide a bespoke EV charging solution for their portfolio of 30 locations. The group sought to improve the overall guest experience and reduce their CO2 emissions, which is exactly what we did, utilising our fully funded financial solution – future proofing the hotels for years to come at zero cost to the group. As part of this solution, EVC covers the ongoing operational costs of the chargers, providing 24/7 customer support – allowing the hotels to focus on their day-to-day operations.

The provision of EV charging greatly enhances the offerings at Macdonald Hotels & Resorts, differentiating their hotels from competitors and highlighting their commitment to a greener future.

Stay ahead of the curve and avoid the EV charger rush!

We hope that you can now clearly see the endless benefits to boosting your hotel’s sustainability through the provision of EV charging – for both your business, and the planet! Embracing sustainability is not just a trend but a necessity for long-term viability in a world where consumers are increasingly making choices based on ethical and environmental considerations. Offering EV charging to guests gives your hotel a competitive advantage and allows you to look after both your guests and the environment at the same time.

You can get started today by booking your free consultation with EVC: