Slips and falls are the most common cause of accidents in commercial kitchens. It is also a common reason for workers’ compensation claims. What causes slips and falls in the commercial kitchen?

Greasy kitchen floors are a key source of slips and falls. Commercial kitchen floors provide unique cleaning challenges and need extra attention to ensure a safe and clean working surface. The presence of dirty or slippery floors can increase the risk of injury and increase insurance premiums, as well as negatively impact sanitation and safety reviews.

Grease is one of the most prevalent persistent soils seen in commercial kitchens and one of the most difficult to remove.

Why is my floor greasy after mopping, and what are the costs of doing it wrong?

Grease is commonly left behind because of poor mopping techniques or the use of a dirty mop and bucket. Traditional mops and buckets can’t cut through the grease. Grease gets trapped in the fibres of a mop which tends to spread the stuff around, introducing a slippery mess into every part of your establishment.

Traditional commercial cleaning solutions and processes are incapable of cutting through grease. Grease is frequently left on the floor and seeps into the grout. In the kitchen, the mix of grease and hard floors produces a dangerously slippery surface.

Not entirely removing greasy build-up comes with a cost. Even the best slip-resistant shoes may not completely cut the associated risk of a greasy floor. Unremoved grease will ultimately make its way to the front of the house by shoes or a greasy mop. The mess sits, attracting more dirt and solidifying into a tough problem. Getting rid of the greasy and dirt mess requires hiring an expensive deep cleaning service.

How do you clean a greasy kitchen floor? Remove Grime and Grease Without a Mop!

The one-fill “no-mop” Kaivac Univac cleaning equipment provides a straightforward way to cleaner, safer floors in a compact single-piece package. Our quick-change Lithium-ion power pack increases mobility and range while avoiding trip hazards. Due to its small size and manoeuvrability, it is suitable for busy settings with little storage.

The Univac makes daily cleaning of even the greasiest floors simple. It administers cleaning solutions, agitates grout lines, and extracts dirt and liquids with a strong onboard wet vacuum. The floor will be spotless, dry, sanitised and grease free, more than 60 times cleaner than mopping. You’ll be pleased with the outcomes, and your team will appreciate how quick and simple it is to use.

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