CBD is rapidly growing in popularity among travelers. Why?

First and foremost, it’s become a common remedy for travel anxiety. Whether you’re a nervous flier who dreads turbulence or take-off, or someone who finds traveling with family to be especially daunting, REST CBD is a popular and convenient way to release tension, ease anxiety, relax, and get back to having a great travel experience.

For travelers up against significant time differences, REST CBD products help ease you into peaceful, restorative rest when your internal body clock is completely out of whack.

Finally, travelers who deal with traveling aches and pains (too many hours in a car or plane, or too many nights on an unfamiliar bed) can turn to REST CBD —to ease their aches and pains and relax into rejuvenating tranquility.

For the many travelers who won’t or can’t travel with a bottle of pills or gummies, and don’t like the sugary stickiness of CBD gummies, REST CBD Travel 6-Packs are ideal.

Slip them into a mini-bar  or welcome basket, slide them onto a turned-down bed sheet along with a mint, or add them as a thoughtful complementary amenity in their well-appointed room.

Alternatively, they are perfect to sell in the snack bar/lounge area, at the front desk, or in a retail shop. They can be labeled with your logo or ours, and customized however you prefer.

Be assured that adding REST CBD Travel Packs to your hotel’s offerings will set your hotels apart as an innovative industry leader in providing the very best for your guests’ comfort.