Bamboovement Empowers Hospitality Industry to Drive Climate Initiatives through Eco-Friendly Amenities

Amsterdam, 16-10-2023 – Bamboovement is excited to unveil a pioneering initiative that empowers the hospitality industry to champion climate projects through their amenity choices. Acknowledging the role of the hospitality sector in addressing carbon emissions, Bamboovement has partnered with ClimatePartner to offer a range of offset projects, enabling hotels, resorts, lodges, and other establishments to contribute directly to community-centric environmental initiatives.

Recognising the urgency of reducing plastic and carbon footprints in the hospitality landscape, Bamboovement takes proactive strides to collaborate with the industry towards a sustainable future. Through this new initiative, when hospitality establishments opt for Bamboovement’s eco-friendly amenities, they offset the carbon emissions generated during production and distribution. Leveraging ClimatePartner’s expertise, a renowned climate protection organisation, Bamboovement provides a tailored selection of local offset projects aligned with each establishment’s regional operations. These initiatives include renewable energy projects, reforestation efforts, and conservation ventures.

Founder of Bamboovement, Joshua van den Hurk, shares, “Sustainability is a collective commitment, and we stand by our hospitality partners in their environmental pursuits. Our collaboration with ClimatePartner enables the hospitality industry to make a positive local impact, promote environmental consciousness, and collectively foster a more sustainable future.”

Bamboovement’s dedication to environmental stewardship extends beyond its product spectrum. By enabling hospitality establishments to endorse local offset projects, the company takes a significant stride in addressing the sector’s ecological impact. This initiative underlines Bamboovement’s core values of harmonising with nature and setting higher benchmarks for sustainability.

As a leader in the sustainable living movement, Bamboovement looks forward to deepening its collaborations with hospitality establishments globally, amplifying collective efforts towards a greener future.

Media Contacts:

For media inquiries or further information about Bamboovement’s collaboration with ClimatePartner and its array of local offset projects, please contact:

Joshua van den Hurk

+31 6 83 77 67 91

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