When you approach the idea of furnishing and designing a bathroom, the attention is inevitably catalyzed by the choice of large furnishings. A waltz of mirrors, tubs and bathroom fixtures obscures the decision-making abilities of the customer, who is undecided whether to rely on a functional shower box or a relaxing hydromassage, on how to position the mirror or on which lighting is best.

So we often end up neglecting those little indispensable elements that can ensure maximum efficiency in our bathroom, and to which we should instead pay just as much attention.

Bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories turn out to be those variables that contribute to making the room leap in quality from an aesthetic, functional and hygienic point of view.

For this reason Componendo has come up with a line of built-in and concealed bathroom accessories in stainless steel that enhance the elegance, hygiene and versatility of the environment. The play of presence – absence created through these elements is able to adapt perfectly to any taste or style of furniture.

The line of functional accessories Componendo, in fact, leaves the linearity of the room’s space unchanged but ensures that everything is always at hand while remaining hidden from view, in a combination of comfort, aesthetics and functionality of the design.

There are four elements that are part of this series. Let’s find out together:

Roll holder

A simple accessory such as the roll holder is transformed into a piece of furniture that reduces clutter and maximizes space-saving elegance thanks to the linearity and geometry of stainless steel.

Waste bin

By showcasing the design lines of steel, and concealing its maximum functionality, the Componendo waste bin proves to be both a piece of furniture and a smart object.

Toilet Brush Holder

Tino is the retractable toilet brush made entirely of stainless steel from the Componendo family.

With its anti-touch treatment, which protects it from hand and water marks and at the same time enhances the material brilliance, it is the accessory that transforms an essential element into an object with an avant-garde design.

Storage niches

To enhance the space and leave the walls free from protrusions, Componendo has finally created a series of storage niches. These are designed to ensure atmosphere and linearity to the bathroom, given the versatility of the sizes available. 15 × 30, 30 × 30 or 60 × 30, they match all furnishing needs.

Latest news, available built-in niches 30×30 and 60×30 with internal shelf, ideal for storing bathroom products