Amsterdam, 11-09-2023 – Bamboovement, a leading advocate for sustainability and a pioneer in fighting unnecessary plastic waste, proudly introduces an eco-friendly dental kit for the hospitality industry. Tailored to meetthe needs of establishments providing overnight stays, such as hotels, resorts, lodges, and cruise lines, Bamboovement is setting new standards for environmentally-conscious hospitality experiences.

Bamboovement is the ideal partner for businesses seeking eco-friendly options while focusing on guest satisfaction. With their commitment to carbon-neutral amenities and efforts to offset unavoidable emissions, they emerge as a perfect sustainable ally for those preparing their hospitality venues for the future.

The dental kit includes a dentist-approved bamboo toothbrush and four toothpaste tablets, all packaged in eco-friendly recycled kraft paper. This carbon-neutral dental solution offers a straightforward approach to eliminating plastic toothbrushes and tubes, showcasing a dedication to waste reduction without compromising on top-tier oral care standards.

Key features of the dental kit encompass two optional toothbrush designs – flat and wavy – crafted from FSC-certified bamboo. The toothpaste tablets are vegan, microplastic-free, and formulated with the endorsement of dental professionals.

Introduced at the prestigious World Travel Catering Expo (WTCE), the dental kit earned praise as one of the event’s most inventive offerings. Its potential to transform hospitality amenities and onboard retail offerings captured the attention of industry leaders.

Ainu van den Hurk, Co-Founder of Bamboovement, expressed, “We’re excited by the positive reception to the dental kit at WTCE. This product underscores our ongoing commitment to raise the bar in offering solutions that significantly reduce plastic waste. Providing eco-friendly and carbon-neutral amenities empowers the hospitality industry to prioritise sustainability while upholding quality and guest satisfaction.”

Bamboovement’s eco-friendly dental kit significantly advances plastic-free and sustainable hospitality amenities. Through constant innovation and an unwavering commitment to surpassing customer expectations, Bamboovement is reshaping industry norms and inspiring a positive transition towards responsible practices.


Sample Requests:

To explore further information about Bamboovement’s dental kit or to request samples, please reach out to

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About Bamboovement:

Bamboovement is a global leader in providing high-quality natural alternatives for personal care products. With a firm belief in a world without unnecessary plastic waste, Bamboovement aims to inspire individuals worldwide to live more sustainably and reduce their plastic footprint. Through innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement, Bamboovement fosters a global community that embraces plastic-free products as the norm.